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At Client Marketing Systems we really do listen to suggestions from our users. That's why we're always adding new features to the software. We know we can't think of everything - every office works differently, and Advisors Assistant users in the field have come up with some fantastic ideas. We've made thousands of changes over the years based on user suggestions - you really keep us on our toes!

Every Advisors Assistant comes with a Full Year of Free Updates - any enhancements we release within a year of your purchase date are available for download here from our website. After your first year, you can purchase an Update Subscription to continue with your 800 Line Support and Product Updates.

Any time you think of a feature you'd like to see added to Advisors Assistant, just email it to us at


Advisors Assistant Updates

If you are current with your Advisors Assistant Subscription, you can update your Advisors Assistant as we release new versions. The update is available from the Internet through your copy of Advisors Assistant.

If you're using the Web-Based copy of Advisors Assistant, Client Marketing Systems will update your database for you.

Also check out our Free Webinars to see how easy Advisors Assistant is to use!

How To Update Advisors Assistant 2.8

This update is for users of the FoxPro version of Advisors Assistant, v2.8. If you are using the updated Advisors Assistant, updates are available through the Server Installation.

Current users of v2 please click the button below to log in and download the latest build.

You can renew your update subscription by contacting our Sales Department at 800-799-4267,
805-773-7981 or fax us at 805-773-7985.


History of Advisors Assistant Enhancements

Advisors Assistant News

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