Contact Management (CRM) Webinars

Start with the basics of using Advisors Assistant, and learn how to:

  • Track clients, prospects, producers, groups, mailing lists, and more!
  • Search your data to look for new sales opportunities among both clients and prospects.
  • Use Advisors Assistant to build client rapport.
  • Target Markets with Advisors Assistant.
  • Use the Calendar to schedule appointments, review dates, and follow-ups
  • Print letters, envelopes, and labels using Advisors Assistant's direct connection to Microsoft Word.
  • Generate reports for client meetings.
  • Log letters and phone calls with follow-ups and store the text of the letter in Advisors Assistant.
  • Customize Advisors Assistant Flex Fields and other areas that will make the program work like it was written just for you.

The latest version of Advisors Assistant is used for all Webinars.

All Webinars are FREE - if your computer can not play sound through speakers or a headset you just pay for a phone call.

Getting Started With Advisors Assistant - 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Navigating through the Advisors Assistant ClearView Screens
  • Adding Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers
  • Using FlexFields to customize Advisors Assistant
  • Adding Email & Web Site Addresses
  • Adding Notes & Follow-Up Dates
  • Using the Advisors Assistant Calendar

How To Increase Sales With Advisors Assistant - 1 hour

  • Using Markets to increase the power of Advisors Assistant for marketing purposes
  • Linking names together to track referrals and centers of influence
  • Designing Workflows to move prospects through the Sales Pipeline
  • Searching your database for new sales opportunities with Selection Reports
  • Customizing the Dashboard to increase client service

Marketing Made Easy With Advisors Assistant - 1 hour

  • Easily implement marketing campaigns right from your office by utilizing the mailmerge features of Microsoft Word to send a single letter or email, or a mass mailing or broadcast email
  • Setup your Advisors Assistant Database to only send one letter to a household with multiple clients

Advisors Assistant 6/7 New Features Overview - 1 hour

This webinar explores some key differences between earlier versions of Advisors Assistant and the new Advisors Assistant 6/7. It is designed for people updating from an earlier version.

View a previously recorded Webinar. This webinar references Version 6, but it all applies to Version 7 also.:




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